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Trend Report: Ear Jackets


Trend Report: Ear Jackets

Looking for a way to add a subtle edge to any outfit? Look no further than the ear jacket.

This trendy new accessory has a normal earring front, but the backing features more than just a plain ol’ back to keep the earring in place.

Instead, the back has another decorative piece that hangs down and either hugs your earlobe from behind or drops beyond it. The resulting look is a cool twist on traditional hanging earrings.

Ear jackets range from sparkly to sweet and simple to spiky, which means that you can wear them to the office, out on a Saturday night, or even to a fancy party or wedding! What’s cool about them is that they let you express your personality in a really unique way.

The best part? Ear jackets are so eye-catching that you can keep the rest of your jewelry simple. They’re enough of a statement on their own to make any outfit fab. Or you can pile on more baubles to really accentuate the details of your ear jackets if you’re looking for a glam appearance.

No matter how you style them, ear jackets are a jewelry trend that will be making waves in the fashion world for a while.

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Posted on 23.06.2015 02:00
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Lucy 23 June 15 18:20 since right now my ears are the only part of my body thats pierced, ill definitely consider this...they are pretty cute, although id go for something less sparkly Text hided expand
Owen Stone
Owen Stone 3 July 15 12:57 ear jackets........what? It's just an earring, why all these crazy omg. Text hided expand
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